Former hobbit living in the land of Oz

Christine Ödlund


Froth On Top by David Sims

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"Made out of 20 pounds of sugar, jello and corn syrup. The crystals were grown in my studio over the course of two months."

Diorama by Matthew Albanese

by Brad Wilkins

celebs who have actually killed people
I live for this time of the year
calming in the alley. feat saturday night.

The amount of times I am hungover and get a taxi to the zoo in an apparent hurry. what must they think

why can you not see me? I just wish you could see me.

new wave Nelly.
money for nothing, trips for free.  (at Lounge)

François Boucher (French, 1703–1770) - Lake with geese storks parrots and herons from the Salon of Gilles Demarteau (1765)